About Us

Legends Rugby Festival

Legends Rugby represents all that’s great with the game of rugby. Through our Festival we provide a platform for those who have played at the highest level for top Premiership clubs, and for their country to recreate those somewhat distant memories but at a slightly slower pace than before. Fans have the chance to rub shoulders with their sporting heroes, while businesses can forge valuable connections with ex-players and engage with this much sought-after fan base through sponsorship and partnering opportunities. Thanks also to our social veterans league we’re seeing players from all over the country flock to the Festival each year, all eager to run out with their team mates and show the crowds and their families what the game is all about. We have always felt that this part of the festival is where the growth will come and in 2014 the number of competing teams more than doubled.

Rugby and business

We introduced the City League in 2014 due to the strong links that exist between rugby and business. Its subsequent popularity and success amongst players, fans and City firms has since seen us introduce the other Legends Rugby initiatives. Our City lunches bring together ex-players and City firms at key venues across the UK to discuss their passion for the game but also connect and explore potential business opportunities.